Recycling is vital for a sustainable world!  

World’s rapidly diminishing raw materials turned recycling into a necessity for manufacturers in all fields. Urgency to efficiently use limited resources resulted in heightened importance of environmental movements.

Textile industry is one of the largest users of raw materials in terms of production and consumption.

Turkey produces around 750,000 tons of textile waste each year. This equals to cotton production on a land that is as large as three million decares, or 600,000 soccer fields. An economic loss of such proportions results in a faster depletion of already limited resources.

This is why reclaiming the world’s scant riches is more imperative than ever. Onal Elyaf spearheaded efforts and played a significant role with other environmentally conscious companies to reach 67 percent recycling rate in textile materials in Turkey.


 In other words, nearly 500,000 tons of textile waste turns into reclaimed fiber each year. These figures amount to a vast economic contribution that equals to cotton production on 2 million decares of land, or 400,000 soccer fields.

Onal Elyaf is an industry leader in processing textile waste and reclaiming them as Shoddy to be used in the production of Recycled Fiber by yarn producers. Our operations create great added value for Turkish economy and the environment. We are amongst Turkey’s major “Cotton Producers without a Cotton Field.”

Our greatest target to achieve for the future is to reclaim all of the textile waste for the economy. We are taking significant steps in order to accomplish this goal and in the beginning of 2011 we became the first and only company in Turkey with a “License for Recycling Non-Hazardous and Inert Waste.”

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