What do we produce and How?  
We re-create cotton

Onal Elyaf strives forward with the motto of recreating cotton and have become the largest cotton producer in Turkey without cultivating the land. We recycle all kinds of textile waste for the economy and process them to produce shoddy.

Playing a vital role in recycling and reclaiming textile waste, Onal Elyaf annually produces 13,000 tons of superior quality shoddy from recycled materials. As one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in Turkey, we produce shoddy in 81 different color variations and specifications in state of the art facilities on a 25,000 m² lot.

We manufacture Shoddy for use in spinning, yarn or felt production as well as for isolation and other industries.

  Products List  
Unbleached Shoddy
Cotton: 100%
Cotton: 99% & Synthetic: 1%
Cotton: 80% & Synthetic: 20%
Cotton: 97% & Synthetic: 3%
Cotton: 50% & Synthetic: 50%

Bleached Shoddy
Cotton: 100%
Synthetic: 100%
Cotton: 90% & Synthetic: 10%
Cotton: 70% & Synthetic: 30%
Colored Shoddy in 81 Color Variations
Cotton: 100%
Cotton: 98% & Lycra 2%

Mix Colored Shoddy for Felt Production
Cotton: 90% & Synthetic: 10%
Cotton: 20% & Synthetic: 80%
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